Susie Lambert
Five years ago I said yes to a request to fill a spot on a team and I have never looked back! This year will be my 5th year running with the Sun Valley Solemates from Ashton, ID to the Teton Village in WY.  Five years of running 180 miles with 11 teammates through blazing heat and drenching downpours. Five years of running with a headlamp and pepper spray through the dark on a dirt trail marked with glow sticks.  Five years is something that should be celebrated!! I am hoping you choose to celebrate with me by making a donation to the Solemates and make this a record year for fundraising!!  I LOVE the Girls On The Run program and I LOVE the Grand Teton Relay - I am dedicated and I am ready to make this the best year yet!

Jennifer Schwartz
For the third time I am joining Girls on the Run Solemates in the Grand Teton Relay.  Our team of 12 will be running 180 miles over a 24 hour stretch.  

In doing this we are also raising funds to donate to our local girls on the run program.  This is an amazing non-profit that helps young girls gain fitness, self awareness, self confidence, and lifelong tools to allow them to reach beyond what they ever thought was possible.  

Please consider donating any amount to my campaign and give these young women the opportunity to thrive!


Angela Burrell
I'll be running 180 miles with a group of 12 people in the Grand Teton Relay this August to support Girls on the Run of the Wood River Valley.  It is a fantastic program designed to build confidence, kindness and strength in young girls.  I saw a lot of growth in Avery when she participated in the program last year.  I hope you will consider a donation to support this fantastic local organization!  Thank you!


Daryl Fauth
Help me raise money for a worthy cause as I race in the Grand Tetons with my team!  We shall run, eat, sleep and stink...all for Girls on the Run of the Wood River Valley!  Thank you in advance for whatever you can donate!


Lori Burks
I will be running in a 180 miles relay this August to benefit the Girls on the Run, an organization that empowers girls and instills confidence and self respect. This organization does amazing things for young girls in the valley and all over the U.S. Please help me raise some funds to support the Girls on the Run!


Caitlin Short

The snow has melted and it is again time for me to hit the running trails. As many of you know, running is a big part of my life. I find the trails to be a place for finding mental calm, taking in the beauty of outdoor Idaho, and staying healthy and energetic.

This year, I am again teaming up with a group of wonderful runners to raise funds and awareness for an awesome non-profit organization for young girls called Girls on the Run. Five lovely ladies and  I will be running the Sawtooth Relay that starts in Stanley, ID and ends 62 miles down the road in Ketchum. I have both run in support of and coached a team of girls for Girls on the Run and truly believe that the influence of a strong, supportive, positive woman as a coach and role model in their lives can make a huge impact on their future.

You can follow the links below to find out more about Girls on the Run and the Sawtooth Relay. Please help me in raising funds for this great program! Your generous support will help us provide scholarships, curriculum supplies, and other necessary expenses to offer girls this life changing experience.

Sarah Bennett
I have been privileged to be a part of the Girls on the Run program in the Wood River Valley. I can tell you that this program has such a huge impact on girls and their self esteem, confidence, and healthy lifestyle choices.

I will be running the Sawtooth Relay with a wonderful group of ladies to raise awareness and much-needed funds for GOTR. Please feel free to check out for information on just where each dollar donated goes-- $50 will provide a girl in need with running shoes!