Spring 2014 Week 3

Girls on the Run Lessons:
Fueling for a Healthy Pace

The girls are learning in today's lesson about the importance of healthy nutrition and healthy habits such as regular physical activity and sleep.  During the workout the importance of "pacing" is examined.  This lesson offers an excellent opportunity for parents/caregivers to discuss the importance of "balance."  A balanced lifestyle represents a happy medium in all aspects of life - physical and mental - which do not fall to either side of the extreme.  Questions and conversation starters:

  1. What are some of our favorite fruits and vegetables?
  2. What do you think represents a balanced meal? Why is it important for us to eat balanced meals?
  3. Is it hard to always eat healthy foods?  Why?  (There are room for really all foods in your diet, but the key is moderation!)
  4. Why is it important to be physically healthy?
  5. What is one thing you plan to do to improve your nutrition and/or healthy habits?

Being Emotional Is Healthy:
Today's lesson is about emotional health.  The girls explore different kinds of emotions and discuss how uncomfortable emotions, such as anger, sorrow and frustration make them feel.  They are also learning the importance of being able to identify their emotions.  Lastly, the are discussing methods to effectively manage their emotional responses.  Some parent led questions to consider:

  1. What are some examples of emotions?  Are there any "bad" emotions? (There are not - emotions are just comfortable or uncomfortable)
  2. What happens if we feel like we can't express some of our emotions?
  3. Why is it important to let our friends and family feel all of our emotions, even if it makes us feel uncomfortable?
  4. One thing you learned to day was the importance of taking in a deep breath and 'being' with a feeling to figure out exactly what it is.  Then you can figure out what it is you're feeling.  Let's do that now. Let's take a minute to be quiet, breathe deeply, and then share what we are feeling.

Week 4 & 5: Standing up to peer pressure and for ourselves, & gossiping 

In Girls on the Run sessions these weeks they'll learn why it's important to cooperate with others, they will explore and discuss areas where people succumb to peer pressure and learning a specific strategy to resist it, they learn strategies to assert themselves in a healthy manner, and the consequences of gossiping. In Girls on Track, the participants discuss how to identify their feelings, learn how running can be a way to relax and a time for self-reflection, and will learn techniques for conflict resolution.

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Introducing the GOTR RUN Raiser!

We hope your daughter is enjoying the Girls on the Run season thus far. We are excited to have more than 70 girls running throughout Wood River Valley this spring. We hope that this season’s participants are experiencing a program that inspires them to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. To sustain the programs and insure that GOTR is an opportunity for all girls across Blaine County, we are conducting an optional pledge drive. We hope your daughter will be participating in the pledge drive in support of Girls on the Run programming in our community. Final deadline for all contributions to be returned to your GOTR site is Thursday, May 16th.

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Week 4 & 5: Standing up to peer pressure, gossiping & bullying

In this weeks of Girls on the Run we covered topics about values, standing up for ourselves, peer pressure and gossiping. In the middle school group we talked about the importance of slowing down, communicating with care, avoiding peer pressure and harmful substances, and gossiping/bullying.

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