Mary Fauth, Executive Director

Board of Directors

Amber Larna, Chair

Paris Nicholson, Vice-Chair

Angenie McCleary, Treasurer

Vicki Johnston

Aliki Russo

Hilary Sinnamon

Cortney Vandenburgh

Ellie Gorham, Youth Advocate

Sarah Truxal, Youth Advocate

Quenia Gonzalez, Youth Advocate

Volunteer Coaches

Our program could be possible without the volunteer coaches that implement it every season.  We have approximately 16-18 men and women that commit 3 hours + per week during the 10-week fall and spring seasons.  We'd like to acknowledge our long time returning coaches in recent years: Cara Liberatore, Hannah Bautheus, Lindsay Williams, Hannah Young, Rebekah Harmon, Danielle Walker, Amber Larna, Sarah Bennett, Colleen Quindlen, Sara Burns, Sara Shafer, and our founder Shari Kunz!


Amber Larna, Chair
Hilary Sinnamon
Vicki Johnston

Board Development
Angenie McCleary, Chair
Amber Larna

Color Me Fearless 5k*
Paris Nicholson, Chair
Cortney Vandenburgh

Lunafest Film Festival*
Aliki Russo, Chair
Laurie Strand
Caitlin Hart

Program Development*
Cara Liberatore
Ellie Gorham
Sarah Truxal
Quenia Gonzalez

* We would gladly accept interested individuals to help with these committees