What or who empowers you to pursue your dreams?  Submit a photo you personally took, along with a 100 word essay about how the photo represents what empowers you to pursue your dreams.  Submit by posting your photo and essay on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #GOTRempower, post directly to our Girls on the Run of the Wood River Valle facebook page, or email them to info@girlsontherunwrv.org. The deadline is October 30, 2017.  The winner will win $200 Visa gift card and be featured at Lunafest! Be sure to set your photo to be viewed publicly. 

2016 winner Cierra Blackstock:

"My name is Ciera Blackstock, what empowers me as a woman is to follow my dreams. I grew up with my parents telling me I don’t need anyone to depend on in my life, and both of them combined have taught me so many things to stand on my own.  Realistically, I could’ve been on my own since I was 5. I am strong and independent and I won’t let anyone make out to be any less.  I feel empowered because I know that my body can take me places.  I push myself to be the best in workouts and in creating hands-on products.  This picture is from a hike I went on behind my house.  I like seeing new things on the hikes I go on and when I hike looking back on my achievement, I feel empowered. I feel like this picture represents my empowerment.  I know I can persevere on my own with any challenge that is thrown my direction."