What inspired you to want to coach, and what kept that spark going during the season?

“I've always enjoyed running for the physical and mental benefits. I started a running club with my boys in TX so when we moved to Hailey last year, I was looking for a way to get involved with introducing kids to Running. I found GOTR to be a great place to do this here in the valley. “

What did you like most about being a coach?

I love sharing the curriculum with the girls. The content is spot on for introducing important topics that many already had experience with. And when they didn't, it allowed them to experience through others and lay a foundation for when those topics do present in their individual lives. I also just love being another positive force for them to count on. To believe in them when they don't believe themselves. 

What is a favorite coaching moment for you?

“Our group was a smaller group so I was fortunate to have a lot of interaction with each of the girls each time we met. I think seeing each of their unique abilities shine during the course of the program was my favorite. You really got a sense of who they were as an individual and what strengths they brought to the group and to themselves.”

New coach training is coming up on Wednesday September 6th. For more information about coaching during this spring season of Girls on the Run visit www.girlsontherunwrv.org/coaching