What was one thing that surprised you about being a coach?

As a GOTR coach I received the gift of insight into the girls' ideas, insecurities, aspirations, and genaeral wellness. Without genuine interaction like we have in Girls on the Run, we don’t get a real idea of what's going on in their worlds. They are each and every one fascinating and worth getting to know!

What is something you received from being a coach?

During my coaching experience I was surprised by how perceptive the girls are. At 9! When analyzing media, the girls very articulately described the true drivers that ads are designed around, such as the girls' wishes to 'fit in', 'be pretty', or 'have a perfect life'. They apply this same perception to everyone and everything they encounter, which made me behave more 'real' with them, because they would have seen right through anything else.

What is a favorite coaching moment for you?

There are so many moments from coaching that I love to reflect on. My favorite however was hearing my daughter Simone's essay about how GOTR inspired her to follow her dreams and when it was as the winner in a contest. Witnessing her take ownership of herself and her dreams is empowering, as her mother it was a special moment I will always treasure.

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