What was one thing that surprised you about being a coach?

“I was nervous starting the program because I was not completely sure how to deal with that age group. Girls at that age are much more perceptive than I thought they were. They definitely listen and take more away from what you say than you might think.”

What is something you received from being a coach?

“An opportunity it's to give back to my community. Growing up, I had the privilege of having a role model and mentor and because I had such a strong role model in my younger years I saw GOTR as my chance to become that role model for someone else.”

What is a favorite coaching moment for you?

“During the practice 5k (while running with a girl that didn’t normally run during practices), she stayed right with me and lead the other girls. I told her I was impressed with her running capability. She said "I love to run!" and that she liked the feeling running gave her. She said she was nervous about middle school. I told her about the Heart and Sole program and other sports, and both were great options to meet people with similar interests. I hope to see her in the program again this spring so we can talk more.”

New coach training is coming up on Saturday March 11th. For more information about coaching during this spring season of Girls on the Run visit www.girlsontherunwrv.org/coaching