Congratulations to Sailor Ward for winning the "What empowers you to pursue your dreams" photo/essay contest.  The audience voted and selected Sailor as the winner of the $200 prize.  Although a shortened version of her full essay was submitted in the contest, we promised we'd publish it in it's entirity.  Please enjoy these hard through out words from Sailor, and some additionally submitted photos.

Thanks to all the wonderful girls that also submitted to the contest listed below.  You can read/see their submissions here.  

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My name is Sailor Ward and as an alumni of GOTR, I was given a great foundation to search for and discover my passions. I have always been provided with tremendous support from my parents but through my own journey of discovery, I have uncovered what truly EMPOWERS me. Having faced many personal and heart breaking challenges in recent years, I lacked the ability to understand and overcome these challenges. Since I was very young, I have always had an undeniable interest in horses and have always found their strength, beauty and power to be extremely admirable. It wasn’t until I acquired my own horse that I realized how EMPOWERING this relationship could be. My horse Indi and I have an unconditional, yet mutual respecting relationship, that has shown me how amazing and important self worth is. This relationship has developed through many hours of time spent, training, riding and learning to understand one another. We have developed an incredible relationship based on shared trust, respect and honesty. He and I also have an unspoken language that allow us to communicate through body language. I have gained an enormous amount of confidence and self worth knowing what the two of us can accomplish together. Fear and uncertainty have been replaced with self-assurance and motivation. I now possess the ability to take what I have learned through this invaluable kinship and apply it to my own personal relationships, my community and out in the world. I now feel that I can not only attempt but conquer what lies ahead. Nothing could be more empowering to me than knowing in my heart and soul, that through hard work and perseverance, I can accomplish anything!
— Sailor Ward
sailor indi upclose.jpeg
sailor indi kiss.JPEG