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PHOTO/ESSAY ENTRY #1: Rosemary Wright


Keep Pushing Forward

Most people say girls can’t do all the things that guys can do, but the truth is girls are just as capable and tough as guys, maybe even more tough! When I am having a good day and go out for a run, I feel like I can conquer the world! Running has taught me a lot of discipline. That being said, if I set my mind to do something by a certain date, I will. But sometimes that means putting the goal you're focused on conquering before hanging out with your friends, riding your horse, skiing, or being on social media (etc..). For example, I took up photography when I was about twelve, stuck with it, and now I’ve had my photos published three times just this year! So girls remember no matter what someone tells you, keep your head up and keep pushing forward because you WILL make it through!

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What empowers me to achieve my dreams is dance. Anything I’ve ever come across in my life that has troubled me, dance has been there as my release. My toe brushes the floor and releases back for an arabesque, I can see myself on stage, 10 years from now performing my favorite repertoire from Giselle, the scene where she reappears as a ghost, dead from a broken heart. Ironically enough though the heartbreak of the scene, the dancer is at her debut and the happiest point in that solo. During every arabesque, I aspire to actually get to that stage.

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PHOTO/ESSAY ENTRY #3: Nora Blamires


January 21, 2017 Boise Women’s March

Several students and two teachers from the Sage School drove to the Capitol Building. There was snow in the air and slush puddles on the ground. Despite the lousy weather, thousands of people gathered to march. After walking a bit, I took out my camera and snapped some photos of people around me with umbrellas and signs in hand and smiles on their faces. At the end of the march I stood on a wall with a perfect view of a woman using her sign “Embrace Hope” as a shield from the wet snow.

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sail indi selfie.JPG

Through my own journey of discovery, I have uncovered what truly EMPOWERS me. Having faced heart breaking challenges, I lacked the ability to understand and overcome them. When I acquired a horse, I realized how EMPOWERING this relationship could be. Indi and I have an unconditional, yet mutual respecting relationship, that has shown me how amazing and important self worth is. Our relationship developed through many hours of time spent training, riding and learning to understand each other that includes shared trust, respect and honesty. He and I also have an unspoken language that allows us to communicate through body language. I have gained an enormous amount of confidence and self worth knowing what the two of us can accomplish together. I now feel that I can not only attempt, but conquer what lies ahead.

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PHOTO/ESSAY ENTRY #5: Kirsy Campbell


What empowers me most as a woman is simple. Other women! I am so happy that I am influenced by such amazing girls who are doing what they love and chasing their dreams. I am deeply inspired when I see others pushing each other to be their best selves. As a member of the Sun Valley Cross Country Ski Team, I am surrounded by a strong group of girls pushing me to be the best I can. Their efforts and dedication to their sport and life motivate me to do the same. This picture puts a big smile on my face, because it reminds me of an amazing day having fun in the mountains with my friends. I am lucky enough to ski with these two girls, who are great ski racers. They push themselves, work incredibly hard, and have a lot of fun both on and off the trails.

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PHOTO/ESSAY ENTRY #6: Marina Vercilli


I've lived most my life believing that empowerment comes from an outside source. Until recently, maybe sophomore year, I found that my empowerment and the thing that gets me up everyday to follow my dreams is myself. I discovered that I will only ever want what is best for me, forever. Material things, and people come and go. They are a huge part in the support we need but at the end of the day, you are your biggest critic and you must live in a way that makes YOU happy and feel in control. I believe that is what empowerment is, especially as a young woman. We must understand that our dreams come from within us and we must show case this wonderful ability of ours to be our own hero. This will never go away. Love yourself and the world will love you.

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PHOTO/ESSAY ENTRY #7: Hadley Walker


Ice Skating empowers me because it is so fun and when I am lacing up my skates I see my friends and I cannot wait to go out and skate with them. When I am on the ice it feels like I have the most power in the world. When I spin I feel like I own the world. It feels so good when I stop because the sound is so powerful. It feels good when I am about to go on the ice because I have confidence to go out there and try hard to get better. I love the feeling of it.

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What inspires me are both my kids. They made me grow as a person and a stronger mother. I love my kids and I will always be there for them. Just like my mother was there for me. Being a teen mom is very hard and stressful but also good in a way. There are times where you don't know what your daughter wants or why she is crying. Or there are times when you're far away from your kids father and you have to parent somewhat alone that makes it very stressful. But I always try to let all that stress go because my daughter doesn’t need to see me having a hard time and my little baby boy doesn't need the stress during my pregnancy anyway. Overall I am very proud of how far I’ve come and proud of being a mom to my wonderful kids. They inspire me to be a better person every day.

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PHOTO/ESSAY #9:  Catherine Corona


My strength is my baby, Matteo. He was born August 8,2017. Raising a child is not an easy thing to do. You can't get as much done as you want to. Matteo motivated me to come back to school and start my future. He motivates me to do well in school so I have a better future for myself and my family of three. Being a teenage mom and going to school is hard. I am glad I found myself where I am now. I wouldn't know what to do without Matteo. I got the support from my parents and still am. Having Matteo in my life is such a big blessing God gave us. I am a strong teenage mom after all I’ve gone through. He's the highlight of my life.

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PHOTO/ESSAY #10:  Jillian


Before the age of 15, I felt no obligations to pay attention to what was happening in any other country besides my own. By the age of 16, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to India and help those in need. Nearing age 17, my mind body and soul ache every single day to travel and dedicate myself to those who need it.  

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