Donate your product, services or time

Lunafest is coming up and we're looking for items we can use in our silent auction.  It can be a product, professional service or something that just requires a bit of time... like dog walking or lawn mowing services.  Submit your product/services/time now!

Planned Giving/Bequests

Bequests:  A bequest is a gift of either money or property made through a will.  A charitable bequest to GOTR allows you to continue your support of our mission in the years ahead.  Any charitable bequest is deductible as an estate tax charitable contribution which may reduce your estate taxes.  To ensure your gift is received by GOTR, please make sure to designate the full, legal name of the organization in your will: "Girls on the Run of the Wood River Valley".

Planned Giving:  We would be pleased and honored to work with you in designing a planned gift to GOTR.  Approved gifts of real estate and other life income sources are accepted.  Contact the GOTR for information about planned giving.

Use the power of your racing to make a difference

Want to use the power of running to make a difference in the life of a girl? Join Girls on the Run SoleMates, our charity running program. We are a team of male and female athletes who pursue individual goals, such as running a marathon, completing a triathlon or cycling event, or even doing our first 5k or 10k, to raise money for Girls on the Run of the Wood River Valley.

Leverage your online purchases, also provides give back dollars to organizations such as Girls on the Run.  They will donate directly .5 % of all purchases to GOTR.  To do this, you can go directly to their  AmazonSmile website.  We have also created a  wish list of items that we use season to season in our program delivery that you can purchase directly for us. 

Use Charity Miles App to Generate Funds for Girls on the Run
Charity Miles is a mobile phone app that tracks your distance as you run, bike or bike and makes a donation to your chosen charity based on the miles you complete.  Download, choose Girls on the Run as your charity and start tracking your outdoor adventure to rack up $$ for GOTR!