Join us on this statewide day of giving to ensure all girls cross the finish line with confidence! Even $10 is a great first step! Join us on May 4th with your support!

Here's our Idaho Gives donation page.

You have to give on May 4th in order for gifts to count towards extra incentive prizes being offered, including:

- Prize $$ the top 10 organizations with number of unique donations (so even $10 gift can help us get this prize, or breaking up your $40 gift into 4 $10 gifts using different emails)

- First gift of the day at 12:01 a.m. May 4th

- Matching gift prizes - If you'd like to offer up a matching gift, when we achieve the donations for the matching gift you'll qualify us for entry into added prize $$

- Golden Ticket award $$ - These are awarded every hour of the day. So give at varying times throughout the day rather than all at once, especially odd morning and night time hours.