Week 4 lessons

In Lesson 7 the theme was stop and take a breather.  In the second lesson dealing with emotional health, we focused on what to do when you experience a strong emotion, such as anger, jealousy, or nervousness. The girls began by doing an activity where they thought about what happens to their body and mind when they are angry. The girls then learned a specific strategy for calming themselves down: Stop Breathe, Think, Respond, Review (Stop and Take a BrThRR). This strategy allows girls to press pause on the strong emotion they are feeling and think through the choices they have for responding to the situation that caused that emotion. In the workout, the girls practiced applying this strategy to real-life situations such as an argument with a sibling or getting a bad grade on an assignment.  The GOTR GOAL for today’s lesson was to practice the Stop and Take a BrThRR strategy when they feel themselves start to experience a strong emotion.

The theme for Lesson 8 was empathy.  Now that the girls have a deeper understanding of their own emotions, the focus shifted outward to help the girls become more aware of other people’s emotions. At the beginning of the lesson, empathy was defined as “putting ourselves in other people’s shoes and understanding their feelings.” The girls also learned the three steps for showing empathy: 1. See the other person’s star. 2. Put yourself in their shoes. 3. Respond in a way that shows care.  They then spend the rest of the practice applying these steps to a variety of scenarios and sharing their responses with a coach. Today’s GOTR GOAL was to show empathy to someone by using the steps they learned today.

Talk with your Girl on the Run…

  1. Tell me about the Stop and Take a BrThRR strategy. How does each part work?
  2. How could this strategy help you calm down and respond in a thoughtful way?
  3. When are some times when you might use this strategy in your own life? (Share your own example.)
  4. What is empathy? Did you learn some steps for showing empathy today?
  5. Is it always easy to put yourself in someone else’s shoes? Why or why not? (Share your opinion.)
  6. Has there been a time in the past when you’ve been able to show empathy towards someone? Tell me about that. (Share your own experience.)