Week 2 Lessons

In Lesson 3 the theme was Star Power. The lesson started with the girls participating in a visualization activity that allowed them to find a star shining bright in the sky, make it their own, and place it right next to their heart. This star represents the Star Power that shines within each of them. Throughout the lesson, the girls learned that sometimes clouds, such as negative self-talk or a bad grade on a test, start to form, and they thought about ways they can activate their Star Power and make their star shine through the clouds. The GOTR GOAL for today was to pay attention to the times they feel a cloud start to cover their star and use one of the strategies from today’s practice to activate their Star Power.

 The theme for Lesson 4 was self-talk.  Today’s lesson educated the girls about self-talk, which is what we say to ourselves or say aloud to others about ourselves. The girls began the lesson by thinking about times when they have said, or heard someone say, negative self-talk, and the team came up with a signal to use whenever they hear a teammate engaging in negative self-talk. The girls then practiced turning their negative self-talk statements into positive ones and they completed different positive self-talk sentence starters such as, “I like myself because…” and “I have a natural talent for…” By the end of practice, they had a sheet full of their sentences to remind them how wonderful they are. Hanging this sheet somewhere they can refer to it often will help them battle negative self-talk when it starts to creep in.  Today’s GOTR GOAL was to use the word or sound we came up with when they start using negative self-talk and turn their negative self-talk into positive self-talk.

Talk with your Girl on the Run…

1.     Tell me more about your star.

2.     What are some ways you activate your Star Power?

3.     What can I do to help you activate your Star Power when you have clouds covering it? (Share how your girl can help you when you have clouds covering your star.)

4.      What is negative self-talk? What is the signal your team came up with?  Do you think we can use this signal with each other too?

5.     What were some of the positive self-talk statements that you wrote down? (Share some of your own positive statements as well.)