Week 2 Lessons

This week’s topics are using our imaginations and catching negative self-talk. In Lesson 3, the girls practice using their imagination to think, feel, and behave in a positive way. We lead them through an activity that allows them to imagine dark clouds as any negative thoughts or messages. They will blow the dark clouds away and learn to let the star within them shine bright! 
In Lesson 4, we discuss self-talk—what we think in our minds about ourselves or say aloud to others about ourselves. While each girl runs with a friend, they practice how to catch and challenge negative self-talk by coming up with ways to change from negative to positive self-talk. Each girl’s goal before next time is to practice this. Try helping her think positive! Next week, we will be discussing something closely tied to our thoughts—our emotions. 

Talk with your Girl on the Run…


1. What is something special about you that gives you star power?

2. How can you use your imagination to help you at home or at school?

3. What is negative self-talk?

4. Let’s think of a signal or sound to use when we catch each other saying something negative about ourselves!