Week 1 Lessons

In Lesson 1, the theme was connection.  The team established group expectations in order to ensure everyone has an enjoyable, safe, and supportive season.  The girls played a game called “Just Like Me,” which allowed them to find strength in their connectedness and embrace the differences each person brings to the team.  In today’s workout, the girls moved around the workout space giving each other words of encouragement such as, “Way to go!” “You can do it!” and “Keep it up!” 

The theme in Lesson 2 was choices. The girls continued to strengthen their ties to one another as they worked to unite as a team. Specifically, they learned to recognize the power they each have to choose attitudes that help their Girls on the Run team work well together. During the warm-up, the girls discussed different choices they have including: being truthful, expressing their feelings, and encouraging others. They then identified which of these choices are easy for them and which ones are a little harder. During the workout, the concepts of intentional decision-making and compromise were explored as the girls worked as teams to complete a variety of tasks. 

Talk with your Girl on the Run…

  1. What group expectations did the team create? Why do you think these are important?
  2. Tell me about “Just Like Me.” What were some commonalities among your teammates?
  3. What are some of the ways you choose to be a Girl on the Run?
  4. Which of the choices on your handout are easier for you? Harder? (Share your own as well.)