Week 1 Lessons

To kick off this season with Lesson 1 of Girls on the Run (GOTR), we come together as a team and celebrate special things about each other and ourselves. We also think of ways we can help make our GOTR team be a great place for all of us to feel safe, learn and grow.  
In Lesson 2, we discuss the values and choices that are important at Girls on the Run and other areas of our lives. We also learn to stop and think about why we do the things we do. As you guessed it, we include the power of running (and/or walking, skipping, hopping, or dancing) and having fun! Next week we will practice using our imaginations and learn about self-talk. Stay tuned!

Talk with your Girl on the Run…

1. Tell me about GOTR energy awards!

2. Let’s name one special thing about each other.

3. How do you show you are choosing to be a Girl on the Run?

4. What did you learn about yourself this week at GOTR?