Week 4 Lessons

This week’s GOTR lessons are about having an attitude of gratitude and finding our happy place. In Lesson 7, we talk about what choosing to be grateful means. They learn that being thankful for what we have, gives us “star power” and a positive attitude about our life. We also connect being grateful with helping others. The girls will run their personal best for about 40 minutes, while making lists of ideas for our service project at the end of the season!  
In Lesson 9, we discuss choosing how we define beauty. We explore a new definition of beauty—inner beauty. We play running games that help us think about things on the inside that make people beautiful, and how this helps us think positive about ourselves and others. 

 Talk with your Girl on the Run…

  1. Why is being thankful a choice and not just something that happens?
  2. Let’s each say why we are grateful to have each other.
  3. Why is it important to slow down and find quiet time?
  4. Why should we value inner beauty more than the way we look on the outside?
  5. Let’s each share something we feel makes us beautiful on the inside.

Your daughter's group might've done lesson 8 rather than nine.  Check your printed Grown Up Guide for those engaging questions!