Hello GOTR families,

I hope your daughters enjoy their final sessions this week of Girls on the Run. Parents have shared here and there about what the experience has been like, and we love hearing about the noticeable affects at home. Also would love to see photos and hear about the 5k experience. So please shoot your stories and images to me after all the fun is concluded this weekend!

Below are some final reminders about the 5k:


▪Girls do not need to register - it's included in their participation in GOTR.

▪They do need a running buddy in the race though - so that person needs to register and check in with the main race check-in.

▪If you're daughter needs a running buddy please let your coach know as they may be planning to run and/or can pair your daughter up with another girl.

▪If you are their running buddy and need assistance with the registration fee, just let me know!

REGISTER HERE - The fees increase a little after today, and then again on race day. The Color Me Fearless 5k is our biggest fundraiser for Girls on the Run and helps make scholarship for all girls who need it available. So thanks for registering and/or inviting your friends and family to come join the fun.


Friday, June 2nd - BBQ & bib bag pick up 3-7 p.m KB's Burritos in Hailey. Food will be served starting at 5 p.m., but feel free to stop by earlier if it's more convenient. Running buddies and other family members can get registered here as well and it will cost less than race morning. 
Saturday, June 3rd 
- Color Me Fearless 5k at Old Cutter's Park. Race begins at 10 a.m., but girls should check in between 9:00-9:30 a.m. so that they can have a chance to gather with their team, get ready and possibly a team picture, etc. If they picked up their bibs & bags on Friday, they can go directly to their team meeting spot (sign for each school).

- Post race fun: At Cutter's park we'll have Bubble Ball for a small fee, KB's Burritos, face painting, vendors and live music by the Haywire Hopefuls. So stay and enjoy!


At the start and at each mile we will have paint that will be thrown up and at you! It's food grade colored cornstarch that will wash from clothes. If you'd like to avoid the paint, you are welcome to run/walk around the stations, or hold back at the start as their will be a big cloud of paint for a few moments. But if you want full on color - dive right in!


Here's our adjusted course starting and ending at Old Cutter's Park in Hailey. We'll miss the trees and river of the Draper Preserve, but due to the flooding we had to relocate!