5k Event Details (in English and Spanish)

Come celebrate YOUR GIRL ON THE RUN!

Your daughters have been having great discussions, completing fun workouts and making memories all season.  And now they are ready to complete their very own 5k race, while sharing it with you and the rest of the community!  The Color Me Fearless 5k benefiting Girls on the Run, Saturday, June 2nd at Hop Porter Park in Hailey will be fun for everyone with summer camp vendors, bubble ball, and lunch offered for sale by KB’s.  So be sure to tell your friends and family to all come out, to run, walk or stroll.   

Details you as parent need regarding your daughter's participation in the race are below:

• They should arrive between 9:00-9:30 am to check in, get their race goodies and get ready for the group warm up at 9:45.  Please arrive early so your daughter has time to prepare with her team!  The race begins at 10 a.m.

• After registration is complete, please look for your school’s sign as a meeting place with her team and coaches.  See park diagram below.

• Registration in the 5k is part of your daughter’s participation in the program.  However they need a running/walking buddy who will need to register.  Register at www.colormefearless.com.  If you normally receive a scholarship for your daughter to participate, and need assistance with the registration fee for the running buddy, please let Mary know via email mary@girlsontherunwrv.org or phone 788-7863.  Or if you need a buddy assigned to your daughter, let your coach know!

• There were will be paint throwing stations at the start, finish and every mile.  If you do not wish to be painted, there will be instructions given to avoid the point.

• Bring a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and a smile!

Please help us spread the word to friends, family and co-workers to come out and support your Girl on the Run and this amazing program by registering as a runner or walker in the event.  Participants can register in advance by visiting our www.colormefearless.com at KB’s Burritos in Hailey on Friday June 1 from 3-7 pm, or race morning at Hop Porter Park until 9:30 am. 

Join us for a FREE pre-race bbq, Bib Bag Pick UP on Friday June 1st
Join us on Friday, June 1st at KB’s Burritos from 3-7 p.m. (food served starting at 5 p.m.) Girls on the Run is providing a free BBQ!   Girls will be able to also pick up their bibs and special goodies, and families members not yet registered can get signed up before the rates increase on race day.


Ven a celebrar a Tu Nina en la Carrera (GOTR)!!

Tu hija (s), han tenido grandes conversaciones, rutinas de ejercicios, and con esto han creado memorias inolvidables esta temporada. Y ahora esta(n)  lista(s) para completar su propia carrera de los 5-K ( 5 kilometros), compartiendola contigo, y con el resto de la comunidad!  La Gran Carrera de los 5-K  Coloreame sin Miedo (Color me Fearless), se llevara acabo el proximo sabado 2 de junio, en el parque Hop Porter Park ubicado en Hailey, sera muy divertido para todos, contamos con la presencia  de carpas con i nformacionde programas de verano, y venta de comida por parte de KB's burritos.  Asi que asegurate de correr la voz e invitar a todos tus amigos, familiares y vecinos, para  que vengan a participar ya sea corriendo, caminando, o en carriola.  Estos son los detalles que usted necesita saber con relacion a la participacion de su hija (s) en la carrera:

     *     Deben llegar entre las 9:00 y 9:30 a..m, para registrarse, obtener sus obsequios, y participar en el calentamiento con su grupo.  Por Favor asegurece de llegar temprano, para que su hija (s) tenga la oportunidad de prepararse con su grupo!  La carrera comenzara en punto de las 10:00 am.

     *     Despues de registrase, por favor localice donde se ubica la escuela de su hija (s), para que pueda (n)  reunirse con sus companeras y sus entrenadoras.

     *     El costo para la registracion de tu hija (s) en la carrera de los 5-K, ya ha sido incluida en el pago de inscripcion al  Programa, sin embargo su companera de carrera/o caminata necesita registrarse (pagar) y  puede hacerlo en esta pagina de internet www.colormefearless.com, si tu hija (s) recibio una beca para participar en el programa, y su companera de carrera/o caminanta necesita ayuda con el pago de su registracion, por favor ponte en contacto con Mary, mandale un correo electronico a esta direccion mary@girlsontherunwrv.org or llamale al (208) 788-7863, y si tu hija (s) necesita una companera de carrera, por favor dejele saber a su entrenadora.

     *     Habran estaciones al principio al final y en cada milla durante la carrera donde se aventara pintura en polvo.  Si usted No desea ser pintado (a), habra instrucciones de como evadir estas estaciones.

     *     Traiga con sigo un actitud positiva, entusiasmo y una gran sonrisa.

Por favor ayudanos a "correr la voz",  invitando a todda tu familia, amigos, compadres, comadres,y companeros de trabajo para que vengan a apoyar a las participantes de este Sensacional programa de Girls on the Run.   Y se registren para participar en esta gran carrera, pueden hacerlo por internet www.colormefearless.com, o en KB's Burritos en Hailey el viernes 1 de junio de 3:00 - 7:00 pm. o el dia de la carrera  en el parque hasta las 9:30 am.

Acompanenos el viernes 1 de junio, en una cena previa a la carrera, totalmente GRATIS.

Acompanenos el viernes 1 de junio, en el restaurante KB's Burritos de 3:00 - 7:00 pm. ( la comida se empezara a servir apartir de las 5:00 pm.).  La Comida corre por cuenta de Girls on the Run, es Totalmente Gratis.  Esta es una gran oportunidad para que las ninas pueden recoger sus obsequios, y para que los familiares y amigos que aun no se han podido registrar para participar en la carrera lo hagan, antes de que los precios aumenten el dia de la carrera.

Spring18-meeting spots.jpg

Run Raiser helps raise funds so EVERY girl can participate in GOTR!

We have an opportunity for your daughter to help fundraise for prizes and help Girls on the Run raise funds to support, sustain, and grow our programming!  This "Run Raiser" initiative allows us maintain our commitment to offer GOTR to EVERY girl, regardless of a family’s ability to pay for our programming. 50% of our participants receive some form of scholarship to participate.

Fundraising is entirely optional, but we have fun incentive prizes (see below) to encourage her along the way! All donations are tax deductible.   They can be collected in person with the Run Raiser packet coming home this week, or by creating a personal fundraising page online here.  All money will need to be turned in to your coaches by the final session in order to receive your prizes at the 5k.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to spread the word and help raise these valuable funds! 

Prizes are accumulative (i.e. if they raise $90 they'll receive the first three items!)

Amount Raised:
$10 -- a sheet of GOTR Running Tattoos
$50 -- 5 Pack Elastic Hair Ties
$100 -- Momentum shoelace charm
$200 -- GOTR Cape
$400 -- "Girls on the Run is So Much Fun" hooded sweatshirt


Week 4 topics & parent led discussion questions for Twin & Camas County groups

Week 4 lessons

In Lesson 7 the theme was stop and take a breather.  In the second lesson dealing with emotional health, we focused on what to do when you experience a strong emotion, such as anger, jealousy, or nervousness. The girls began by doing an activity where they thought about what happens to their body and mind when they are angry. The girls then learned a specific strategy for calming themselves down: Stop Breathe, Think, Respond, Review (Stop and Take a BrThRR). This strategy allows girls to press pause on the strong emotion they are feeling and think through the choices they have for responding to the situation that caused that emotion. In the workout, the girls practiced applying this strategy to real-life situations such as an argument with a sibling or getting a bad grade on an assignment.  The GOTR GOAL for today’s lesson was to practice the Stop and Take a BrThRR strategy when they feel themselves start to experience a strong emotion.

The theme for Lesson 8 was empathy.  Now that the girls have a deeper understanding of their own emotions, the focus shifted outward to help the girls become more aware of other people’s emotions. At the beginning of the lesson, empathy was defined as “putting ourselves in other people’s shoes and understanding their feelings.” The girls also learned the three steps for showing empathy: 1. See the other person’s star. 2. Put yourself in their shoes. 3. Respond in a way that shows care.  They then spend the rest of the practice applying these steps to a variety of scenarios and sharing their responses with a coach. Today’s GOTR GOAL was to show empathy to someone by using the steps they learned today.

Talk with your Girl on the Run…

  1. Tell me about the Stop and Take a BrThRR strategy. How does each part work?
  2. How could this strategy help you calm down and respond in a thoughtful way?
  3. When are some times when you might use this strategy in your own life? (Share your own example.)
  4. What is empathy? Did you learn some steps for showing empathy today?
  5. Is it always easy to put yourself in someone else’s shoes? Why or why not? (Share your opinion.)
  6. Has there been a time in the past when you’ve been able to show empathy towards someone? Tell me about that. (Share your own experience.)

Week 4 topics & parent led discussion questions for Blaine County groups

Week 4 Lessons

This week’s GOTR lessons are about having an attitude of gratitude and finding our happy place. In Lesson 7, we talk about what choosing to be grateful means. They learn that being thankful for what we have, gives us “star power” and a positive attitude about our life. We also connect being grateful with helping others. The girls will run their personal best for about 40 minutes, while making lists of ideas for our service project at the end of the season!  
In Lesson 9, we discuss choosing how we define beauty. We explore a new definition of beauty—inner beauty. We play running games that help us think about things on the inside that make people beautiful, and how this helps us think positive about ourselves and others. 

 Talk with your Girl on the Run…

  1. Why is being thankful a choice and not just something that happens?
  2. Let’s each say why we are grateful to have each other.
  3. Why is it important to slow down and find quiet time?
  4. Why should we value inner beauty more than the way we look on the outside?
  5. Let’s each share something we feel makes us beautiful on the inside.

Your daughter's group might've done lesson 8 rather than nine.  Check your printed Grown Up Guide for those engaging questions!

Get Registered for the Color Me Fearless 5k

Color Me Fearless 5k June 2: Remember that your daughter's registration covered for this event with her participation in Girls on the Run.  However she'll need a running buddy that needs to register.  Be sure to register by April 30th before the entry fee increases.  We are happy to assist running buddies for girls that have demonstrated need, so please contact Mary about how to register.