Color Me Fearless FAQ

The first Saturday each June, Girls on the Run hosts the Color Me Fearless 5k as a program ending event that is open to the whole community and helps to raise funds for our program.  Here are some common questions and things to think about when being a participant in the Color Me Fearless 5k:


Q: What is the race route?
A: Due to flooding in the lower part of Draper Preserve, we will be rerouting the course a bit.  It's mixture of busy city roads, quiet neighborhood streets, trail and board walk.  The route will take you through the scenic Draper Preserve and over the Big Wood River on the beautiful Bow Bridge.  See map at right.  

Q: What is the "Color Me" part of the 5k?
A: There are paint stations at the start/finish and each mile in between.  The paint is food grade colored corn starch.

Q: How will I get painted?
A:  You'll be given a personal cup of paint at the start line, to either throw up in the air at the start of the race, or feel free to "paint" yourself or a friend while you wait to begin.  Then at each mile during the race, volunteers will be throwing paint at your body (as much as humanly possible).  If you'd like a shot to the head - please point at your head so your volunteers will do as instructed!

Q: Who can throw paint?
A: Our volunteers have been hand selected and given special instructions on how to safely throw the paint.  Outside of your personal cup of paint at the start, please don't attempt to jump into the paint throwing line, or allow your kids to join in.  

Q: What if I don't want to get painted?
A: At the start you may want to hang in the back until the dust settles.  At the paint stations on the course, simply run around them.  We want everyone to have fun enjoying a 5k event and their on personal comfort level! 

Q: Does the paint stain?
A: It won't permanently stain your clothing, but may make a white shirt once washed not so white any more.  The best thing to do before leaving the venue so not to trail all of the paint into your car or home, is to brush a much as you can off while you're dry. 

Q: I registered online, now what?
A: You can pick up your bib at KB's in Hailey from 3-7 p.m., or race morning under the "pre-registered" banner.  

Q: What is included in my entry?
A: A race t-shirt and bib will be provided at check-in.  Proceed to the start line to pick up your personal cup of paint.  When you finish, there will be some light snacks including Chobani yogurt, and water to enjoy.

Q: Will there be water on the course?
A: We will have some initial water at the 1st mile mark, more at the 2nd, and lots at the park finish.

Q: I saw a photographer on course... how do I get photos?
A: That's our Smiley's Mountain Photo photographer.  He will have them available to view and purchase online at here.

Q: Who are all the girls in Girls on the Run shirts or pink Girls on the Run capes?
A: We have teams up and down the Wood River Valley and from Carey that have come to complete the 5k event as the season ending goal of the Girls on the Run experience.  Many of them are running their very first 5k!  So if you see one of these girls on the course, be sure to cheer her on, as she might need the encouragement!  

Q: How can help to motivate these girls in the future?
A: We are always looking for volunteer coaches to help guide them through the season.  It's a twice a week commitment for 10-weeks in the spring or fall.  For more information visit our COACH INFO page for upcoming training and season dates.

Q: There were teams of people participating in the race.  What was that about?
A: We have the opportunity for organizations or businesses to enter teams of 5 into the race.  We will be capturing a team cheer prior to the race and promoting them in our social networks for people to vote for the "Best Spirit" award.  The teams that will will receive COOL prizes.  So if you have a team you want to enter (whether for a business or as a group/family) please consider this next year.  The cost is a bit more than regular registration, but we want to showcase your team to our supporters, give you some extra benefits (like upgrade to a technical t-shirt), and a chance to win some prizes.  Here's some information about signing up as a CORPORATE TEAM entry or other sponsorship opportunities that can include a team entry.

Q: Will you be timing the racers?
A: In true Girls on the Run spirit, we celebrate everyone's personal best effort and don't believe in honoring only the fastest racers.  But with that said, we know we all have personal goals and would like to know how close we get to reaching them.  We will have a timing clock at the finish line that you can see where you came in for your finishing time!

Q; What else is happening in conjunction to the race?
A: Be sure to stay around after the race to enjoy live music by local band Haywire Hopefuls, bring a few extra bucks for lunch by KB's or to enjoy Bubble Ball, or send your kids to the free bouncy house.  We will have other vendors offering services, fun and information.  

Q: Where should we park for the race?
A:  If you live near the course or somewhere in Hailey, we recommend you ride your bike or walk to reduce congestion.  We will have parking blocked near the race start, but the streets leading up to the park will be available to park at.  There is also public parking located at the Park and Ride lot located at Bullion & River Street, as well as at Lion's park just past the race location and across the river.

Q: Any other recommendations to enjoy the race?
A: Come dressed up, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, jump into our warm up song that will start at 9:50.